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Annerie Feldman

B.Prim Ed, B.A. Honours, Certified Health and Wellness Coach -Level 3
Certifying Program

Annerie Feldman, Accredited Health and Wellness Coach|Sydney helps you unlock your wellness potential by creating the body image that exudes confidence!

EMBRACE Body Confidence, EXUDE Radiance and ELEVATE Wellness.

If you’re struggling with limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts, body image issues or could do with a confidence boost, then you are in the right place. Annerie’s supportive, yet nurturing coaching style and holistic wellness programs have been specifically designed to empower you to unlock your wellness potential for a more confident and authentic you. It is time for all the beautiful women of this universe to prioritise self-care and create the wellness habits that will help you step into the lifestyle you desire!

Annerie will be your coach, cheerleader and change navigator but also keep you accountable to create that shift you need in order to achieve your goals. Whether you’re seeking that personal touch with one-on-one coaching sessions or craving the camaraderie of group wellness coaching, she has you covered. And guess what? Even if you’re not in the area, she has some fabulous online programs that will bring that radiant glow straight to your doorstep!


Company: Radiant Health and Wellness