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Bee Pennington

ACHC Health & Wellness Coach, Holistic Health Coach I & II, Chek Institute, Cert Clinical Nutrition, Level 3 & 4 personal trainer,
Certifying Program

Hello! My name is Bee and I am the head of the Health Coaching team at Melbourne Functional Medicine. The most exciting thing about coaching is when you work with someone who was completely stuck, and they figure out how to move forward. It can literally change their life. From over 8 years of professional coaching (and a lifetime of accidentally coaching people), I am always so delighted to help people get really clear about how their thinking and beliefs might be playing out in their physical health. With a natural intersection of passion that sits between nurturing and health, it’s no mistake this is where I’ve landed in life. For me, coaching is a meaningful way to support people who have a strong desire to feel better but aren’t clear about how to get there.

Company: Melbourne Functional Medicine