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Bronwyn Hudson

Master of Science in Personalised Nutrition; Certified Mental Health Coach; Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice (AFMCP - Institute of Functional Medicine); NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP); Nutritional Therapy Practice Diploma; IIN Health Coach; Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)
Certifying Program

Kia ora, ko Hudson toku whanau, ko Bronwyn toku ingoa. As a registered clinical nutritionist and certified mental health coach, I am passionate about helping you to connect YOUR dots between your food and mood, your lifestyle and your mental health. Have you ever noticed that you eat differently when you’re stressed? Felt hangry when you have skipped a meal? Witnessed a child high on party food – or the inevitable meltdown afterwards? If so, you already understand that food and mood are connected on some level. There is now an explosion of research showing the links between nutrition, nutrients and mental wellbeing. Our relationship to food also has a big impact on our mental wellbeing, especially when cycles of guilt and shame around our eating are involved. My approach includes a gentle approach to nutrition and lifestyle, supporting you to layer habits that support you to flourish. My coaching integrates evidence-based approaches from my Masters-level nutrition education, Functional Medicine training and advanced mental health coaching – including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). I am an inspiring and experienced public speaker, love supporting workplace wellbeing initiatives, as well as working with people in my private clinical practice who want to flourish.