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Chrissie Williams

Registered Nurse. BSCHons Health & Sports Science. Certificate III Fitness.HealthChange Methodology. Mastery in Health Coaching
Certifying Program

I am a passionate and experienced Registered Nurse with extensive experience specialising in emergency and intensive care nursing. After relocating from England to Australia I found myself drawn towards prevention rather than cure and diversified my focus and skill set to assist patients/clients to achieve positive health and lifestyle outcomes through cognitive and behaviour change. And so began my journey into health coaching with a focus on the individual with long-lasting health conditions that can impact their quality of life; my particular focus is clients with diabetes, cardiac or weight management concerns. I strive to empower those I am privileged to work with through a person-centred strengths-based approach; assisting the individual to self-identify their own goals and their means of achieving their goals whilst considering and navigating enablers and challenges. A facilitator of change doing with clients instead of doing for clients

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