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Christine Boucher

Bachelor of Nursing Degree Diploma Critical Care Nursing Diploma Bowen Therapy Level 3 Health & Wellness Coaching Master’s in Business Administration
Certifying Program

Christine spent over 20 years working in the healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse, specialising in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care. She travelled internationally working in England, France and the USA. She has worked with government organisations, and small and medium businesses preparing and delivering their strategic 12-month Health and Well-Being Plan. Facilitating health, stress, resilience, positive mindset, and performance workshops. Coaching individuals, groups and leadership teams through building healthy culture, team dynamics and healthy communication. Christine is passionate about helping organisations improve the health of staff and the well-being of business, increasing performance and profits. Christine also mentors other health coaches and consultants transition into the corporate health and workplace wellness space. Christine describes herself as an Engaged and Empathetic Relationship Builder; she regularly presents on ABC Gippsland on the topic of Health & Well-Being. Writes for Gippsland Lifestyle Magazine on Health.


Company: Natural Health Balance