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Colette Nicholson

Prekure Certified Health Coach, Prekure Certified Mental Health Coach, Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Certifying Program

Hi, I am Colette, a Prekure Certified Health and Mental Health Coach with a physiotherapy background. During my career as a Physiotherapist, I have seen how physical and mental wellbeing cannot be separated. I was born in The Netherlands, moved to the UK after my physiotherapy degree and have lived, and worked in the health sector, in NZ since 2004.

As a Dutch-Kiwi I live with my Kiwi husband and our two beautiful Dutch-Kiwi children in Auckland, New Zealand. No matter where life takes you, there will always be ebbs and flows, high tides and low tides, the occasional king tide and sometimes even a big tidal wave. These life tides affect your mental and physical wellbeing.

As your health coach, I’m here to walk (or swim) alongside you, explore those waves, dive deeper when needed and come out the other end refreshed and refocused with your landmark in sight.

Company: Life Tide Health Coaching