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Fiona Henry

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Advanced Cert. in Nutrition, LLB(Hons), BIntBus
Certifying Program

I am a holistic health coach and nutritionist with a legal background as a solicitor and member of a tribunal. Going through my own health struggles with a post viral syndrome ten years ago (I was bed bound for a time), and with conventional medicine unable to help me, I found my way forward through lifestyle change with the full support of my amazing doctors. I learned that lifestyle is powerful medicine and worked to optimise my nutrition, sleep, movement and stress management, step by step, and in a way that led me to energy and wellness (leaving behind exhaustion and overwhelm). I was shown a path where lifestyle change is not only powerful, but personalised and possible. This is now my passion and what I share with my clients. I work on zoom all around Australia and Asia with people who are often referred to me by their doctors for support and education when they are dealing with ill health, fatigue and burnout.