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Jade Newnham

Bachelor of Public Health with excellence direct entry from Bachelor of Biomedical Science Y2, Cert 4 Training & Assessing, Health & Wellness Certification for Allied Health Professionals specialising in Mental Fitness, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
Certifying Program

A nationally certified Health and Wellness Coach, specialising in mental fitness. A qualified Meditation and Breathwork Teacher.

Today, I am honoured to be supporting people to improve their health & wellbeing, feel empowered and witness the transformation of lives in incredible ways. 

I have been working in the health field for almost 20 years in both the mainstream health field and holistic field, under the umbrella of preventative health. I am lucky enough to have love for this work and be purpose driven.

I started with my keen interest in health and science as a child. I then studied Biomedical Science and Public Health while working as a pharmacy assistant. I went on to work at a Senior level in State Government Public Health assisting in state-wide public health programs. During this time, I also went onto studying, practicing and teaching Ayurvedic lifestyle, which aligns perfectly with the now recent lifestyle medicine pillars of health and the blue zones approach today. With this newly emerging field of Lifestyle Medicine, due to the growing evidence based approaches to health and wellness, I jumped on board to practice within its scope of practice. 

For many years I have seen either a disconnect or a discord between holistic health and the medical system. However, there is a large movement of people who both want, and need, both of these systems. It is my purpose to facilitate these systems to work together in an evidence-based approach to lifestyle modifications, while under the care of Medical Health Professionals. Offering a safe, effective and high standard of multidisciplinary care so that the health of individuals are improved now and into the future. 

If you are interested in working with me in this emerging field, I would love to hear from you, so please contact me.

Company: Ambrosia Women's Wellness