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Jaime Rendell

PreKure Certified Health Coach, Bachelor of Arts - Psychology, Post-Graduate student - Psychology, Massey University
Certifying Program

All the information on health and wellness can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fad. As a health coach, I am excited to help you navigate your journey to better health! I use an evidence-based approach, which means I stay up to date with the latest health research and bring proven techniques and accurate information to our coaching sessions. Following your lead, I will work with your values and current lifestyle, so your healthy habits are enjoyable and sustainable. Together, we can tackle your lack of energy or motivation, improve your eating habits, or get you moving more. We can also look at improving your sleep hygiene, stress management and gut health. Health coaching is future-focused, and I am here to support you as you move toward your goals. I will provide you with encouragement and accountability as you find your inner strength. I want to empower you to ditch diet culture and take charge of your health – be bold, be brave, be mighty!


Company: Mighty Healthy