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Josie Askin

BSc (psychology), Dip Professional Coaching, Precision Nutrition Coach, Cert in Sports Training & Development, Cert. mBIT Coach, Cert Pilates Instructor
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Kia ora, I help ambitious people to reach and maintain their peak performance. Peak performance doesn’t happen by chance it requires a plan of small sustainable steps with the right balance of stress and recovery. After my own pursuit of peak performance as a long-distance runner led to Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports, I now work with others to achieve balance and avoid burnout, whether it be in the sporting or corporate world. I take a holistic approach to wellbeing, covering mindset, movement and nutrition. We are how we think, move and eat. My coaching approach is individual and strengths-based, with a focus on progress over perfection. I have 15+ years in the corporate world so understand the challenge of work-life balance and the impact the workplace can have on wellbeing. I’m a passionate runner, pilates teacher and yogi.

Company: Spring Coaching