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Julie Schutz

BA Physiotherapy - Women's Health. Board Cert. Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner (FASLM) Board Cert. NBC-HWC, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Certified Fitgenes Practitioner, Clinical Pilates Specialist
Certifying Program

Julie is passionate about guiding, nurturing, supporting, and working with women on how to regain their vitality. Her coaching approach brings with it a unique skill set, supported by extensive clinical experience as a Physiotherapist (specialising in Women’s Health), Clinical Pilates and Nutrigenetics. She offers a passionate holistic approach to health and focuses on the importance of the gut, mind, body interconnection. Through her own journey with Autoimmune disease, Julie sort remission of her symptoms through a Functional Medicine Approach. She studied to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach to equip her with specialised skills & knowledge to be able to inspire and facilitate similar positive change in other women. Julie works via zoom worldwide to support women and their families on their health journeys and in the treatment/ prevention of autoimmune disease. Julie is currently completing her Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

Company: Autoimmune Health