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Karina Morris

BSc- Biomedical Sciences (Wellness), Advanced Skills and Practice in Health and Wellness Coaching (Level 3), CrossFit Level 1
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Karina has a passion for improving Health and Wellness outcomes in all people, with an interest in assisting vulnerable people. She has over 20 years of experience working in Health, Mental Health, Aged Care and Disability around the Northern Territory, both in urban areas and in Indigenous Communities. Karina has a Batchelor of Science – Biomedical Sciences (Wellness), CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Advanced Skills and Practice in Health and Wellness Coaching (Level 3) and training in Trauma-Informed Care and Practice. After her own personal transformation with significant results increasing health, strength and fitness and a weight loss of 28kg, Karina set up Small Steps Big Change as a Health and Wellness Coach to assist all people to make their own positive change. Offering a coach with experience to provide specialised Health and Wellness support and Capacity Building for people with a disability and to improve outcomes for Indigenous Health and Wellness.

Company: Small Steps Big Change