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Katherine Gillespie

PreKure Mental Health Coach, Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance (ANZCAL). Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching, Bachelor of Nursing
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Hi I’m Katherine, I am a PreKure certified Mental Health Coach. Through life I have navigated my own physical and mental health challenges and I know first-hand the value of having someone in your corner when life gets tough. Taking small, consistent steps are key to building wellbeing, I’m here to meet you right where you are in your journey. I provide guidance on lifestyle medicine, coping strategies, and resilience-building techniques. I’m here to help you discover your strengths, all while being your biggest cheerleader. The goal? To guide you on your path to better mental fitness. My philosophy is straightforward: “Keep it simple, make it fun, and do what works for you.”

My life journey includes a background in health as a Registered Nurse and 18 years of dairy farming with my husband, Lance. My coaching journey began in 2018 and I teach St John Mental Health First Aid. I have a passion for education, facilitation and group learning.

There is energy when we connect to share our stories and learn together. As we cultivate knowledge, we sow the seeds of understanding, and with this comes the power to guide our own journey towards strength and wellbeing.

If you’re seeking support on your mental health journey, know that I am walking my own path, and I’m here to walk alongside you. Let’s make being well, a lifestyle, together.

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