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Laurika Hazelhurst

Precision Nutrition Level1 and 2, Precision Nutrition Master Health coaching
Areas of Interest

The Restorative Pantry is here to empower women through the transformative journey of perimenopause, menopause and beyond. As your body changes, we are here to guide you and walk beside you in adapting your diet and exercise routines. We are evidence-based and help you with lifestyle behaviour change. It’s not about fighting against your body transformation but learning how to embrace the change and supporting you every step of the way.

I am Laurika Hazelhurst, 52 years old and going through Perimenopause/ menopause. I am dedicated and passionate and strongly desire to make a positive impact.

My health journey began in 2004 after the birth of my last child. My initial motivation was to lose weight, which led me to the gym. However, I discovered that exercise offered much more than just shedding pounds.

My mission is to share the knowledge and insights I gained through my sport as an Ironman athlete and hold PN Level 1,2 and Mastering Nutritional Coaching Level 2.

Company: The Restorative Pantry