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Leanne Springer

Certified Coach Professional; Grad. Cert. Counselling; Master of Counselling (current); Cert 3 in Fitness; Cert 4 in Assessment and Workplace Training; Diploma of Training and Assessment Systems; Master of Labour Law and Relations; Psychological First Aid; Mental Health First Aid (licensed instructor).
Certifying Program

At the soul of Freshwater Harmony are vital, heartfelt conversations that support and connect people, businesses and communities. My work reduces stigma and develops competency, knowledge and confidence about mental health and wellbeing and mental health concerns. I believe coaching has an important role in prevention and early intervention of mental ill-health in the community. Before therapy is required, coaching can work with people who want or need to make external or internal changes in their life. Coaching is client-centred and has parallels to some therapies such as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFT). To reduce financial and access barriers, Freshwater Harmony offers coaching with cost per session based on a client’s income band. Coaching can be a valuable support for those people who may experience barriers accessing 1:1 support and who would benefit from gaining or increasing self-efficacy in mental health and wellbeing.

Company: Freshwater Harmony