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Linda Funnell-Milner

LLB, Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine, Adv. Dip Education, Dip. Cl Hypth. Cert H&W Coach FMCA.
Certifying Program

I am a Functional Nutritionist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and FMCA Certified Health Coach. I am a consulting clinician in a Family Practice in Terrey Hills.

Collaboration between primary care physicians, clients/patients and Health Coaches is the paradigm shift we need to reduce the ever-increasing rise of chronic illness. Behaviour change in a patient or client occurs when they achieve insights into their values and an understanding of what really matters to them. They gain clarity and can identify the resources they need to support the attainment of their goals.  As a Health Coach, I witness their journey of self-discovery. There can be no greater privilege.

I consult in person and virtually on Zoom and phone.