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Louise Frame

Prekure Health and Mental Health Coach, Bachelor of Physical Education, Diploma Teaching
Areas of Interest

As a Christian, Louise believes wellbeing is about a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Through coaching she will help you to connect with your strengths and guide you to help you achieve your goals. With a strong special needs teaching background Louise understands the importance of tailoring her approach to each individual and identifying what will work best for them. Being creative means she loves to think outside the box and is very good at coming up with creative solutions to challenges. Over the years Louise has had a number of her own mental health challenges which has given her first hand experience, and understanding of what it takes to overcome these. She knows that no matter how stuck you may feel there is always a way forward and change is possible. Louise will teach you the skills needed to live well allowing you to create a legacy of wellbeing.

Company: Olive Grove Wellbeing