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Paula Colloty

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, PreKure Certified Mental Health Coach, PreKure Bridging Program, Bachelor of Business Studies
Areas of Interest

I help women create a simpler, more balanced life that supports mental and emotional wellness through connection and small practical changes in lifestyle and mindset focused on what is important to you. My belief is that anxiety and depression are normal manifestations of an overwhelmed mind. Lifestyle medicine and thought management can help relieve the distress felt when life becomes challenging. I am here to support women as we navigate our way through the world. As a coach, I work with you in the present to design goals for the future and maintain your accountability in working towards changes in your life. My journey over the past 10 years has been challenging as I came to terms with the passing of my husband, post-natal depression and raising my daughter. Along the way I have needed support from many different healers and helpers as I navigated my path to wellness.