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Rachel Brown

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), PreKure Certified Health Coach
Areas of Interest

I help people take charge of their own mental wellbeing and establish habits to help them thrive. Experiencing crippling anxiety throughout my life which stopped me from pursuing my goals inspired me to support others experiencing the same struggle. I help clients free themselves from the grip of anxiety and depression and reconnect with themselves. My coaching superpowers include my authentic empathy, laser intuition and willingness to dive deep even when that gets uncomfortable. I listen without judgment and ask curious questions that allow clients to uncover what’s keeping them stuck, what their ideal future looks like and how we can bridge the gap. My toolkit consists of evidence-based behaviour change science, lifestyle medicine (nutrition, sleep, movement, breath and thermotherapies) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT provides tools to accept unpleasant thoughts and feelings, get present and choose behaviours that align with our values and goals.

Company: Rachel Brown Coaching