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Sarah Fisher

Masters of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts, Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2015 Health Coach Programme), Wellness Coaching Australia
Certifying Program

Passionate about supporting people to overcome their health challenges through a process of self discovery that allows them to make lifestyle changes that will last and improve their health and wellbeing. This process involves creating a vision, setting goals and experimenting to adjust and make the right changes for the individual. There is no telling a client what to do and how to do it. This is a client driven process. Drawing on knowledge of behaviour change, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine to support clients in face-to-face or online coaching sessions & delivery of workshops. Who are my clients? * People who want to be proactive about their health to prevent or minimise illness as they age, and feel satisfied and engaged with life as they age. * Small to medium sized businesses. A particular focus is supporting people in key change and leadership roles within organisations. The pressure can be absolutely intense and so often people can experience burn-out and exhaustion as they focus so much on the role requirements and end up making themselves sick, tired and stripping away they ability to innovate and lead effectively. Supporting these key roles is vital for having key leaders, lead by example and set the tone for the corporate culture.