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Tania King

B.Science (Biological Science, Nutrition major), Grad Dip in Education (Health Education), Certified Nutrition & Health Coach, Certified Coaching Program Level 1
Areas of Interest

Working in the field of nutrition education, I realised that merely providing information did not always lead to positive outcomes in a person’s health journey. Completing the Advanced Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching (through Cadence, now Well College Global – WCG) was a great addition to my passion. I was eager to have the coaching credentials to enable me to help people improve their lives. In 2023, I studied the Certified Coaching Professional Program, an ICF-approved course with WCG. As a nutrition and health coach, I encourage my clients to embrace their individuality and prioritise their wellbeing.

My coaching approach empowers my clients, placing the control in their hands to shift to a new mindset and convert mindshifts into opportunities for growth. Together, we explore your strengths, areas that need development and navigate the challenges that emerge. You are encouraged to celebrate your achievements. With dedication, you can embrace change, transform your life and reach the health you deserve. You possess many unique qualities and have the potential to accomplish remarkable feats.

Let’s join forces to turn your aspirations into reality.

Company: Tania King, Nutrition & Health Coach