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Tony Moran

PREKURE Health Coach
Areas of Interest

Introducing Tony Moran, a transformational health coach whose passion lies in enhancing the health, happiness, and sense of purpose in others. As a coach, he utilizes over three decades of experience in diverse techniques, including Meditation, Vedic Philosophy, Tai Chi, Pranayama (breathwork), and other transformative methodologies. In the realm of health, Tony is a certified coach with PREKURE, a mission-driven organization that prioritizes preventive measures over cures and aims to extend human health-span. His training encompasses a wide range of health-centric topics, including diet, nutrition, physical exercise, and lifestyle medicine. Tony’s unique strength lies in amalgamating science, ancient wisdom, and traditional practices into an easily understandable framework. Through his coaching and workshops, he provides a practical toolkit for tangible, life-enhancing change.

Company: Elucilium Health Coaching