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Vania Dunn

BHSc (Physiotherapy), BSc (Psychology), Advanced Mat Pilates (Stability Plus), Pre/Postnatal Pilates (Stability Plus), Health Coach Certificate (PreKure)
Areas of Interest

I’m Vania, Health Coach, founder of Studio Thirty Five and mum to four. As a busy working mum, I know first-hand the struggles we experience around balancing life and finding time to prioritise our own needs. I get it! It sucks living life feeling overwhelmed, overweight, exhausted, and stuck. I want you to know you don’t have to solve this by yourself. Through unique insight, empathy, and support, I will help you step-by-step create and implement an individualised holistic self-care revolution in your life, bringing you to a place of renewed health, energy, and balance. As your coach, I will be your biggest cheerleader but will keep you accountable to the goals you set for yourself. I wholeheartedly believe you are worthy of living your life with the energy, passion, and balance you dream of.



Company: Studio Thirty Five