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Professional Membership Application Process

Your Commitment

By joining HCANZA you are required to make a commitment to the HCAZNA Code of Conduct, the Scope of Practice and the attainment of 10 units of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within 12 months, by attending approved affiliate/other reputable training programs (webinars, short courses, conferences, seminars) in health coaching or nutritional health and lifestyle fields.

Five tips for a smooth and successful application process:

  1. Check that the program you will graduate from is an approved program.
  2. If you are responding to an HCANZA discount program offer, know the name of the Program Provider and name of the Program
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions that apply to your application before proceeding.
  4. Ensure you have all the required documents on hand for Step 2.
  5. Give yourself time to complete all of the steps in one sitting to avoid delays in the processing of your application.
  • Step 1:  Download the Scope of Practice and Code of Conduct documents
  • Step 2:  Required documents –
    • Scan your Health Coach Certificate or Diploma from an Approved training program and/or additionally scan the Certificate and transcript from your related health field.
    • Scan your Professional Indemnity Insurance certificate or Cover Note for new policies
    • Scan signed Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice documents
    • Your photo and bio for uploading on the website once approved
  • Step 3: Complete the Online Application Form
  • Step 4: Complete and Submit Payment.


  • If your application is denied, a 50% refund will be returned to you. It is important to confirm whether your Health Coach training program is approved prior to applying to avoid such a situation.
  • Before filling out this registration form, please ensure this is the correct membership level that corresponds with the Health Coach training program you graduated from. In this way you will avoid your application being rejected. Click here to view the list of approved programs.   
  • The online application process cannot be completed without ALL of the above required documents listed in Step 2. To avoid delays in getting approved, please ensure you include all required documents in your application.
  • Signatures on forms provided throughout the registration process must be in one of two formats: e-signature or hand written. We will not accept a typed name or initials. 
  • Your payment data is encrypted and secure. 
  • All amounts shown are in AUD. 
  • By submitting your application and making payment you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.