HWC Approved Programs

Approved Health & Wellness Coaching Programs

Click here for the Quick Reference Guide Membership Levels and Eligibility a summary of the ways of obtaining membership levels and making an application.

Eligibility for Associate Membership:

HCANZA may consider other programs to be eligible for Associate Membership approval where:

  1. The certification represents a program with a minimum of 60 hours of core coaching and health-related competencies and skills development. 
  2. Within the 60 hours, a minimum of 20 hours must have been delivered as synchronous training as defined in the HCANZA document. 

Important: We strongly recommend that you refer to your accrediting school or program for confirmation that these requirements are met.

It is important that you confirm this before applying online, as a rejection of your Application for Associate Membership results in only a 50% refund.

Student Membership: 

Enrolment as a student in any of the approved Professional Membership courses listed above will automatically qualify you for Student Membership.  
Prospective health & wellness coaching students may also apply under the conditions outlined here

How else can an Allied Health professional obtain a Professional or Associate Membership? 

HCANZA may consider other significant coaching qualifications when they are held in conjunction with a qualification at an Advanced Diploma level or above in a health-related field.  For example A credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an ACC, PCC or MCC, together with a qualification in a health-related area, such as Nursing, Nutrition, Naturopathy or Exercise Science, we will consider an application for PROFESSIONAL membership.

Allied Health professionals who have undertaken health and wellness coaching gap training with any approved program provider are also eligible for PROFESSIONAL Membership.

The Associate membership category includes all Allied Health Professionals who are appropriately qualified and credentialed in their profession, e.g. nutritionists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, exercise scientists etc., wanting to participate in the Vision and Mission of HCANZA but who do not have a health and wellness coaching qualification. If they have undertaken professional development work in coaching, believe they are using a coaching approach in their work due to short course training and have a strong interest in the field, we will consider an application for ASSOCIATE membership.

In any of these circumstances, requests must be made in writing and will be considered on an individual basis.  Please submit your request to HCANZA for individual consideration with details and copies of your qualifications, and certificates, attached to membership@hcanza.org.


Note: HCANZA membership approved programs are being continually reviewed. We reserve the right to amend our membership criteria from time to time in line with the development in industry standards, the creation of new programs or the reformulation of current programs.

We do not receive affiliation fees for the number of new candidates linking from HCANZA to the website of a program