Fire and Bloom by Georgie I


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Fire and Bloom by Georgie I

Georgina Irvine

Advanced skills and practice in Health and Wellness Coaching (Level 3)
Certifying Program

I am a Health and Wellness Coach, Sober Coach and Confidence Coach with a huge passion to inspire and support women to rediscover their true self and fall in love with life again. As a coach, I take my clients on a journey of self-discovery to build confidence, identify habits and behaviors that may be holding them back, design a life vision, set manageable goals, and empower them to create new pathways that lead towards a more fulfilling life. I will draw on skills attained through my Professional Certificate studies with Health and Wellness Coaching Australia and my own lived experiences with lifestyle change in creating new healthy habits in relation to sobriety, weight loss, exercise, sleep, gratitude, boundary setting and self-compassion. I take pride in holding a safe and non-judgmental space where vulnerability is embraced, and tears are welcomed. I believe we are all deserving of that.

Company: Fire and Bloom