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Maxwell Medical Group

Ivana Matic-Stancin

RACGP, FASLM, ASM member, BMS member
Certifying Program

As a highly experienced GP based in Melbourne for over 25 years, I have worked with patients of various ages, backgrounds, and medical conditions. My passion lies in disease prevention and health improvement, which is why I completed the Diploma in Positive Psychology in 2013 and gained a Fellowship in Australasian Society Lifestyle Medicine in 2019. Peri/Menopausal Health is my area of expertise. I offer two types of care: clinical consultation in my Menopause-GP Clinic in Braybrook, Victoria, and Lifestyle Health Coaching online or in-person for Melbourne residents. I recognise that perimenopausal women may require non-pharmacological support during this transition, a vulnerable stage often brushed off. This life stage is unique for every single woman. Therefore, I created a safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive coaching space outside of my medical practice, where I give them time and space where they can reflect and gain deeper self-awareness with emerging new insights, health resilience, and create a well-articulated health plan to transition safely and healthily into their third stage of life.