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Jacqui Colley

Prekure Certified Health Coach , Reiki Teacher, Massage therapist
Certifying Program

As a Prekure Cerified Health Coach, I specialise in a Holistic and evidence- based approach to wellbeing. My primary goal is to assist and empower you to re-ignite your overall wellbeing, helping you feel healthy, energised and inspired. Together we will develop a personalised road map tailored to your health goals, this will revolve around key aspects such as nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and connection. Our approach is centered around making the journey enjoyable, taking small yet consistent steps towards adopting new behaviours and habits that promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Recognising your uniqueness, wholeness, and creativity, I firmly believe that you possess the ability to create the life and health you genuinely desire. If you’re tired of the constant cycle of diets and quick fixes that leave you feeling exhausted, and if you seek guidance, resources and support, I encourage you to reach out to me for a complimentary connection call. I look forward to chatting with you soon and supporting you on your wellness journey.

Company: Ignite Wellbeing NZ