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Kirsty McQueen

Certified Health Coach
Certifying Program

In a career spanning 25 years managing general practice clinics, Kirsty witnessed first-hand, the level of chronic disease that is affecting a substantial proportion of the general population and, most alarmingly, at an increasingly younger age. She embarked on her own personal journey in 2016 after experiencing her own health issues. This led her to study with The Nutrition Academy and then later completed her certification as a PREKURE Health Coach. Kirsty recognises behavior change is hard and loves to meet people where they are at and to support them in their personal journey towards positive and meaningful change in their lives. She is passionate about real food, lifestyle medicine, mindset management and believes we should all be able to age well and live our best authentic lives. Coaching with compassion and kindness in the safety of a non-judgemental environment brings her joy, as people navigate their own path to wellness and potential disease reversal.

Company: Low Carb Keto Health