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Kristy Torto

Registered Nurse, Master Certified Health Coach
Certifying Program

I am a Registered Nurse and Master Certified Health Coach with almost 20 years of experience in various nursing specialties such as medical-surgical, cardiovascular, home health, hospice, and care coordination. After many years of working in the medical field, I found I was most energized by health promotion and a holistic medicine approach, and officially shifted my focus to health coaching as a culmination of my passion and professional vision in August 2021, after gaining my master health coach certification through the Dr Sears Wellness Institute. I made the big move overseas to Hawkes Bay, New Zealand in October 2021, and look forward to integrating into and serving this beautiful community. I offer virtual health coaching and services to cultivate better wellness for individuals of all backgrounds, including people living with complex medical conditions. My vision is to create a positive, inclusive, and strengths-based environment to energize and empower people to take charge of their health and implement lasting lifestyle changes.


Company: U Evolve Health + Wellness