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Libby Finlayson

Master practitioner Neurolinguistic programming, Hypnotherapy, timeline techniques, Health coaching, Youth mentoring
Certifying Program

Libby’s passion for helping you lead a healthier life and strive for grounding, healthy relationships makes her the go-to for positive and lasting change. With extensive training in Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and health coaching her tools and methods not only guide you to make better life decisions, but create lasting change. With life experience in divorce, raising kids as a single mum and a background in farming, her resilience and approachable nature give her clients a safe space to feel, be heard and make healthy decisions. Her dedication to teaching better communication skills and fostering better relationships will help you have the relationships you strive for. With experience treating men and women, many in the rural sector, online and in person. The tools and techniques not only create lasting change, they are something you can take with you. Libby’s love for nutrition and experience in nutrition coaching compliments the program tailored to you.

Company: Libby Finlayson Coach