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Melanie Macoun

APA Pain & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist; Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach; Women's Health & Wellness Coach
Certifying Program

I evolved my skill set into coaching after observing people’s health and wellness behaviours for over 25 years as a physiotherapist. I recognise a holistic approach as the only way to attain and maintain real and life-long optimum health. I strive to share this approach with people who want to live their best lives, but who recognise the challenges of achieving this on their own. My approach is scientifically supported, back-to-basics “good sense” health. I nurture my clients through the choices and challenges that they face in order to meet the goals that they have chosen for themselves. My brand pillars are movement, nutrition, sleep (rest) and mindset (including stress management). I am also an expert in the management of and recovery from chronic or recurring pain. Coaching offers the best opportunity for habit changes that will last a lifetime and it has been a very rewarding career shift.

Company: Two Wise Owls