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Natasha Botwright

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Bachelor of Science (Hons), Health & Wellness Certification for Allied Health Professionals, certified Metabolic Balance® Practitioner
Certifying Program

Natasha is a dedicated health and wellness coach, naturopath, certified Metabolic Balance® Practitioner, and biologist. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, she empowers individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness while maintaining their desired lifestyle. Through personalised strategies, support, and guidance, Natasha works closely with clients, helping them overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and embrace a holistic well-being lifestyle. She understands the challenges faced by business professionals and acts as a guide to escape the cycle of fatigue, reclaim energy, and embrace balance and resilience. Natasha also specialises in supporting individuals struggling with weight-related issues, helping them to regain body their confidence. With her unwavering support, individual and group coaching, she helps clients realise their health and wellness dreams.

Company: Two Minds to Thrive