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Nicky Benson

BSc Hons Human Biology, Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC) , PreKure Advanced Certificate in Mental Health, Licensed Heartmath Practioner, NLP Practioner , Certificate in Mental Health & Nutrition
Certifying Program

Nicky is a leadership and mental wellness coach with a wealth of personal and business experience and 25 years’ experience in Coaching, Team Coaching and Facilitation. She has a passion for health starting in the early 80’s with a degree in Human Biology before a senior career with The Body Shop in the UK and a move to New Zealand in 2021. For the past 20 years Nicky has her own consultancy Step Up Coaching and is passionate about assisting leaders across all sectors to drive change and performance in their organisations and enable their people and communities to flourish. She supports leaders to develop courage, mental flexibility and presence and cultivate their true leadership style to drive inclusive, high-performance cultures. She works holistically and recognises the importance of people continually working on their own development and self-care to adapt, thrive and lead through the complexity of change their role’s increasingly demand.

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