Amy Gray

Amy has learned two critical aspects of well being in her own personal journey, spanning more than eight years; how precious our nervous systems are and how powerful our immune systems are. She has experienced first-hand that both of these mind-body systems are integral to our well being and believes they can be better understood […]

Sarah Ahern

The key to living a long healthy life is quite simple-do what our ancestors did. Over the past 50 years, the way we have eaten has changed dramatically. We eat more processed foods that are high in carbs and have little to no nutritional value. Health is our greatest wealth. Don’t settle for anything less. […]

Tracey Race

I am a PreKure certified Health and Wellness coach. I have 27 years of experience as a registered nurse in an Intensive care environment and as a resuscitation nurse educator. I am a wife and mother. In my own quest to live my best life with depression, body dysmorphia and anxiety, I discovered lifestyle medicines […]

Richard Ellis

Rich works with people wanting to get their nutrition sorted! In addition, he also works with those who are looking to restore energy and vitality back into their life. Having suffered from fatigue himself Rich understands the trials involved with looking after yourself and taking the necessary steps to regain both energy and happiness back […]

Sonya English

I am a passionate advocate in the proactive prevention of disease and living the best quality of life you can. As a health coach, I believe working with client’s vision and values to support their movement from where they are now to their desired goal is paramount. My focus is on a client’s strengths, their […]

Ree George

Specialising in Burnout, Anxiety and Addictive Behaviour, particularly disordered eating or curiosity around exploring the role that alcohol plays in your life. Ree focuses on her coaching on you and your juggle with marriage/relationships, children, family and career. Her background is in Physiotherapy and Pilates/Yoga, so just as stretch and release are key practices in […]

Sharon Humphreys

Sharon specialises in supporting people through life’s health changes. Whether these changes are brought on by ‘ages and stages’ in life, or more abruptly through a life-changing diagnosis. “I understand that sometimes change can be lonely and scary. I will work with you to manage the changes you are going through so you can move […]

Kirsten Rose

I am an experienced Physiotherapist who has undertaken further training in Health Coaching. Over the course of my career, I have developed a passion for helping people who have needed to “start from scratch” after an injury, illness, or life event. I have a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation and extensive experience working in both the […]

Vania Dunn

I’m Vania, Health Coach, founder of Studio Thirty Five and mum to four. As a busy working mum, I know first-hand the struggles we experience around balancing life and finding time to prioritise our own needs. I get it! It sucks living life feeling overwhelmed, overweight, exhausted, and stuck. I want you to know you […]

Kent Johns

I had a 20-year career as a sports broadcaster and it was the daily 4 am alarm which led me to search for ways to be healthier… to stave off the grogginess which often beset such unconventional working hours. As I researched ways to improve my own health, and the results spoke for themselves, it […]