Emma Piggot

I’m a healthy living enthusiast and have spent 25 years in the health and wellness sales industry. I’ve combined this experience with expert training in health coaching and metabolic health from Prekure to help clients achieve their metabolic health, wellness and weight loss goals.

Sue-Jin Loo

I am a first-generation Malaysian Chinese immigrant, raised in New Zealand. I grew up embracing both cultures. This included a wholistic and energetic approach to living as my father taught Tai Chi and Chi Gong for over 30 years. This diversity also meant a curiosity for food and different lifestyles which led me to become […]

Paulette Crowley

I became a health coach after 30 years of being an award-winning health journalist. After the media landscape changed, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my career helping others to live well and take charge of managing their health. I have lived experience of depression, anxiety, addiction and ADHD. I got sober […]

Gina Grubbe

Hi, I’m Gina, Health Coach and mother to three energetic young boys. I grew up in the UK and USA and moved to South Africa at the age of 17. After getting married and having children we made the move over to New Zealand where we are now based. Going through pregnancy and having young […]

Winnie Wong

After 25 harmonious years in the legal field, I’ve decided to change my tune. I’ve taken a significant turn towards fostering health and wellness. What initially began as a journey to enhance my own well-being through studying health coaching has turned into a profound realization of its potential to help others. Certified by Prekure, I’ve […]

Eeva-Liisa Enok

Eeva is passionate about walking alongside individuals and creating space for growth. She specialises in guiding people through mental health challenges and lifestyle changes for those with chronic health issues. Her journey into coaching was sparked by transformative experiences reshaping her career, fostering a deep empathy for those facing similar struggles. Rooted in authenticity and […]

Hope Pearce

Hope is a registered Naturopath and Mental Health Coach. She has a holistic approach incorporating nutrition, natural medicine, mental health coaching, and behavior change techniques—such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy—to help people thrive. She’s passionate about all things related to good food, nutrition, and the food-mood connection including the impact gut and hormonal health has […]

Deborah Marshall

With a background in nursing and education, Deborah is dedicated to supporting you to identify your health and wellness goals, walking beside you as your metabolic health coach on your journey to sustainable lifestyle change.

Tina Gale

I have worked in health my entire career, predominatley as a Registered Nurse and have been drawn to coaching to better support the needs of the individual, it is about working with the whole person, working in a partnership together so that individuals can enjoy their best life and enjoy good health. Good health is […]

Shelley Smith

Shelley is a PreKure Certified Health Coach and yoga teacher with a special interest in Ayurveda. She completely transformed her life after years of living in the fast-paced world of advertising with a ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead mentality’. She now works with busy professionals who want to prioritise their health and wellbeing by helping […]