Melissa Staples

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I would love to support you to take control of your brain health. The greatest risk for Alzheimer’s disease is age. The best prevention for Alzheimer’s disease is a healthy, active and connected lifestyle. Through my lived experience, I am particularly interested in supporting people who are concerned about […]

Mary Rummery

I am a social worker of 30 plus years experience currently working in mental health and wellbeing coaching and counselling roles. I have recently completed a Coaching Mastery certificate to add to my qualifications.

Marion Haydon

Supporting people to achieve their personal and professional goals has been my passion throughout my long career. Supporting your health and wellbeing goals is a further extension of this passion. The development of chronic illnesses does not have to be a given as you age. My role will be to help you develop and imbed […]

Chrissie Williams

Chrissie is a passionate and experienced Registered Nurse with extensive experience in chronic illness inclusive of cardiac, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes within both acute and primary health care sectors and not for profit health care organisations. Chrissie strives to empower those she is privileged to work with through a person-centred strengths-based approach; assisting the […]

Debra Carnes

I’m a Health and Wellness Coach with a background in nursing, health policy and higher education who is passionate about safety culture, its impact and the importance of self-care in the work environment especially for those who work in health care and other essential services in Australia. If you are someone who works in an […]