Lydia Altini

I support people struggling with the overwhelm of chronic physical and mental health challenges to achieve well-being through a process that includes healthy lifestyle education, the development of self-awareness and self-compassion, and the skills to create sustainable health habits, so they can reclaim their vitality, energy and joy in living. I offer individual health coaching […]

Charlene Harvey

I am based in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in south-east Melbourne and offer both face-to-face and online appointments. With a special interest in allergies, IBS & autoimmunity as well as functional testing, I love guiding people along the path to great health by providing a safe and supportive space to explore meaningful change. I started […]

Kristin Nielson

I am an Australian currently living in Switzerland. I work with clients online around the world. I am also currently furthering my education with the School of Applied Functional Medicine. My learning has come through my professional training, supporting clients and my experience in helping my daughter to recover from chronic illness and my own […]

Claire Garwin

Having applied to become a Nurse at the age of Nine, and working as a Nurse for over thirty years, I am truly passionate about all thing’s health. Noticing that chronic disease impacts so many led me to become a Health Coach. Science shows that our environment, how we sleep, our genes and the specific […]

Jenny Marshall

My own journey was the inspiration for me to become a health coach. Morbidly obese as a child, I struggled to lose weight. Dramatic change to my lifestyle eventually led to weight loss of over 100kg. The key to this change was self-awareness. I now want to support you on your journey to health.   […]

Sam McBride

My passion is to help people to understand that this amazing vessel we live in needs attention and care to get the best out of it. I encourage people to develop better behaviours – backed by science (diving into how things and thoughts can all affect our physiology). I believe that we can all create […]

Shelley Phillips

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach since Feb 2018, my passion is to see us thrive across the decades – happy in bodies we love; that function the way they are meant to, and that provide us emotional stability. I work online with clients from around the corner to those around the world. The […]

Linda Funnell-Milner

I am a Functional Nutritionist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and FMCA Certified Health Coach. I am a consulting clinician in a Family Practice in Terrey Hills. Collaboration between primary care physicians, clients/patients and Health Coaches is the paradigm shift we need to reduce the ever-increasing rise of chronic illness. Behaviour change in a patient or client occurs […]

Christine Rinaudo

Over the last 20 years, Christine gained experience in a variety of senior finance positions spanning across global and Australian organisations. During this time, she developed and mentored many teams and individuals to excel in their careers. She also observed a theme of disconnect between high-performing individuals and their own health which in turn impacted […]