Glenda Irwin

My consultancy has spanned two decades in which I have worked with well-being of children and adults, in both group workshops and client session. I have trained many other consultants and am a supervisor within the Mindfulness Works association. My work continues in the public forum and at corporate level. I am an author of […]

Monique van Tulder

Mid-Life Magic. Well-being Coach. Monique van Tulder is passionate about empowering women to find it, for themselves. Mentoring well-being, confidence, personal branding, and possibilities – writing the blueprint to design mid-life magic. With over 20 years in travel management, travel + style writing, and 12 years as a nutritionist/movement trainer, Monique has delivered results for […]

Geraldine Beatriz Fuenmayor Fuenmayor

Geraldine is a compassionate Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with solid experience in disability care, offering invaluable support to both caregivers and individuals with disabilities. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by this community, Geraldine provides personalized wellness solutions rooted in functional medicine principles. My experience in disability care and education has […]

Nicky Benson

Nicky is a leadership and mental wellness coach with a wealth of personal and business experience and 25 years’ experience in Coaching, Team Coaching and Facilitation. She has a passion for health starting in the early 80’s with a degree in Human Biology before a senior career with The Body Shop in the UK and […]

Carla Butler

Carla’s passion for sleep coaching was sparked by a personal tragedy – after her father passed away due to chronic disease, partly caused by his poor sleep health, Carla knew she needed to take action to protect her own health and longevity. Through her own journey to better sleep, Carla has gained a wealth of […]

Janine Defontaine

Janine is an experienced mentor and coach for ADHD and autistic people and people living with mental health challenges. As a multi-passionate creative, coach and ADHDer, Janine supports people who are tired, lost, overwhelmed, and burnt out to change how they live in order to honour their unique selves, do things differently, live authentically, and […]

Natasha Botwright

Natasha is a dedicated health and wellness coach, naturopath, certified Metabolic Balance® Practitioner, and biologist. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, she empowers individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness while maintaining their desired lifestyle. Through personalised strategies, support, and guidance, Natasha works closely with clients, helping them overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and embrace […]

Kelly Piez

Kelly is an integrative nutrition health coach, yoga teacher and trained educator who understands the importance of observing individual wellbeing from a holistic standpoint. Kelly has completed post-graduate studies in the area of Lifestyle Medicine and is undertaking her master’s degree in Health Promotion. Through her coaching business, Glow & Grow Wellness, she has a […]

Dr Ron Ehrlich

I have 45 years of clinical experience; I have Fellowships in Nutritional & Environment (FACNEM) and Lifestyle Medicine (FASLM); Integrative Breathing Therapist; Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (CIECL) Level    

Aimee Parkinson

I have spent more than 12 years in the education system as a school leader and educator, witnessed firsthand how wellbeing often takes a backseat when urgent matters arise. Drawing from these experiences, as well as my Masters of Educational Leadership and Health and Wellness Coaching Professional Certificate, I established Well-Nest. My mission is to […]