Top 6 Considerations for Doctors and Allied Health professionals hiring a Health & Wellness Coach



Linda Funnell-Milner

Linda Funnell-Milner

Top 6 Considerations for Doctors and Allied Health professionals hiring a Health & Wellness Coach.

  1. Skill Set: There are fundamentally two types of Health & Wellness Coach training programs supported by HCANZA.  Consider how much integrative or functional medicine background knowledge you would like your Health & Wellness Coach to have had. 
  2. Endorsement & Credibility: Which associations and agencies have the Health & Wellness Coaches certifying program been endorsed by?
  3. Program advantage: Have a clear view of benefits and programs a Health & Wellness Coach can bring to your practice and patients.
  4. Prior experience: Consider how much health-related background experience suits your needs.
  5. Billing model:  There are many different billing models.  Consider which ones suit your clinic and patient needs.
  6. Values:  Working as part of a team is fundamental to the success of any Health and Wellness Coaching Program.

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