HCANZA Submission: Unleashing the Potential of Our Workforce – Scope of Practice Review




HCANZA recently prepared a submission for the Australian government’s Unleashing the Potential of our Health Workforce – Scope of practice review.

The review will identify opportunities to remove the barriers stopping health professionals working to their full scope of practice. It will also look for examples of multi-disciplinary teams working together at the top of their scope of practice to deliver best practice primary care.

The review aims to outline steps and recommendations to deliver:

  • better health care and outcomes for patients
  • a more productive health system
  • better access to health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, rural and remote Australians, and other marginalised groups
  • greater job satisfaction for health professionals, leading to improved recruitment and retention of a skilled workforce.

Click here to read HCANZA’s submission.

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